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What Is a Hostname? (Host Name Definition) May 22, 2020 Change hostname back to * firstly, in order to permanently change the hostname of your VPS, it must be done via Clients Area page (from the Dashboard). If you change the hostname via SSH, it will not be permanent and the hostname will be restored the original one (*** The procedure of changing the hostname is described in our knowledgebase: How to Change Your Hostname in CentOS 7 Using Hostnamectl Jul 28, 2015

Which are reasons to change the default VPS hostname? Hot Network Questions 75 Ohm Coaxial Cable Used On a 600 Ohm Output The WiFi is disabled when I start with Windows and then go back to Ubuntu. A restart is required for WiFi to start Looking For Title of Circa 1990s English-Language Sci-Fi Film

Changing the shell prompt without affecting the hostname. If you do not want to modify the hostname for your instance, but you would like to have a more useful system name (such as webserver) displayed than the private name supplied by AWS (for example, ip-12-34-56-78), you can edit the shell prompt configuration files to display your system nickname instead of the hostname. In this tutorial, we will be discussing on how to change the hostname in RHEL / CentOS 7.0. This is possible way much easier through command line. Check Hostname. To check the hostname, type the following command: $ hostname. The default hostname of the system is localhost.localdomain. We can change it by editing the file, /etc/hostname.

When we install CyberPanel on a server, we can access it using the server IP address. The CyberPanel runs on port 8090, so if your server IP address is, you can access it over, this will give you an SSL warning because SSL certificates are always issued for a hostname, not for an IP address.

How to Change Your Hostname in CentOS 5 - Atlantic.Net How to change your hostname in CentOS 5. If you’d like to change your CentOS server’s hostname, you’ll need to change it in a few places. Open up the /etc/sysconfig/network file with your text editor of choice: sudo vim /etc/sysconfig/network. Change the HOSTNAME argument to the hostname you’d like to use. Your complete guide to VPS hosting – Help Center