Dec 13, 2019

How can I permanently delete my facebook? | Yahoo Answers Jun 01, 2010 How to Delete Facebook Account Temporarily or Permanently Jul 15, 2020 Delete Facebook Account Permanently. Why and How? Jul 23, 2016 How do I delete my Facebook account without logging in

May 30, 2018

How to Delete Paypal Account permanently without logging A change of email address: Deleting your PayPal account only to reopen a new one using an email address that is different from the one used to open your previous account is another reason why people delete their PayPal account. In closing, you should only delete your PayPal account using either your personal computer or laptop. You would not be Delete or Deactivate – What to do with your old accounts The option to permanently delete your account will only appear after you've selected a reason from the menu. Click or tap ‘Permanently delete my account.’ Twitter. On Twitter deactivation puts your account in a queue for permanent deletion from Twitter. Deactivation is not available on mobile devices and must be done by accessing twitter

Jul 17, 2018

Hi, i've just deleted my facebook account, I had to create a new spotify account, it seems to have less options than before such as this small details as changing my profile picture, i've lost all of my playlists and favorite tracks and the funny thing is: "i'm still being me" but without facebook but still me but spotify takes me as if i