How To Delete YouTube Watch History & Search History. Every video you watch, every search keyword you have used to search a video on YouTube are saved somewhere. Whom ever has access to your YouTube account can view the videos you watched and keyword you have used. If you would like to get rid of these privacy issues, here's the how-to about deleting YouTube watch history and search history,

Youtube History Youtube History. Youtube special feature restoring the history; with day to day tasks all of us have so many line ups to achieve in a day! When looking back you may be needing to refresh your memory of something which is so important for you to use for the next day that is where you needed a history of what you can used again and youtube is there to refresh and store your previous usage. How to Remove Videos from YouTube History on iOS, Android, Web Feb 21, 2018 Why is my YouTube deleting my history by itself? | Yahoo

Jun 12, 2009

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