Comodo Free Firewall review Award-winning anti-malware protection that doesn't cost a penny By Carrie Marshall 03 July 2017

Comodo Antivirus for Windows 10 is an unusually powerful free antivirus tool which uses multiple security layers to keep you safe from harm.. The package offers real-time protection to detect and Protect your privacy with Comodo's mobile Virtual Private Network. By masking your IP address and encrypting your mobile connection, the VPN keeps your browsing 100% private. Your data is kept safe and anonymous on a public Wi-Fi network; and even remains unreadable for your ISP and mobile network provider. Essential features of an effective windows antivirus that Windows Defender does not provide, include anti-spam, safe browsing, email protection, VPN service, and live support. Comodo Antivirus provides all these features and more for only $17.99/year, making it an ideal antivirus to keep your PC protected. The majority of Comodo Firewall's features are also found in Comodo Antivirus 10 (Free at Comodo Antivirus). I'll refer you to my review of the antivirus for full details on these features. A review of Comodo Unite by Felix Cheng. Comodo Unite (formerly Easy VPN) is a program which can create a secure and private network between remote computers, perfect for gaming and an alternative to Hamachi. Within the network, users can chat, share files, screens and remote control of a PC, along with gaming functionality.

Dec 22, 2010 · I recently read about Trust Connect in a VPN review, in fact if you have spent any time around VPN and looked at the information that is clearly out there all over the web about Comodo you'd realize this isn't nonsense being said here

The free Comodo Programs Manager simplifies and improves the act of uninstalling PC software, but it lacks both stability and some of the features found in competing products.

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