Mar 09, 2015 · Step 2 Choose a VPN Concentrator from the dropdown menu. The menu displays all VPN concentrators added to the CAS. Step 3 Choose an Accounting Server from the dropdown menu. The menu displays all accounting servers configured for the CAS. Step 4 Click the Add Entry button to add the mapping. The list below will display all the accounting servers associated per VPN concentrator by name, IP address, and port.

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Configure the VPN concentrator Before start configuring the VPN parameters in the concentrator, you need to add default gateway and tunnel default gateway. The tunnel default gateway is the concentrator’s internal interface IP that will be connected to the internal network. NETGEAR ProSafe SSL VPN Concentrator 25 SSL312 … NETGEAR ProSafe SSL VPN Concentrator 25 SSL312 Reference Manual-x v2.1, November 2008 • Scope. This manual is written for the SSL VPN Concentrator according to these specifications: For more information about networ k, Internet, firewall, and VPN t echnologies, see the links to the NETGEAR website in Appendix B, “Related Documents”. ShoreTel VPN Concentrator and associated VPN phones

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