Jun 26, 2019 · Not everything that you see is true, especially the symbols on our phone.Many times, even though our iPhone and iPad show the connected to Wi-Fi symbol, the internet doesn’t work in reality.

I have an iPhone SE and it is a year old, but this problem started about 6-7 months after getting it. I have a 12G data plan, so I only use cellular data whenever I am not connected to wifi and need to access the internet. One time I turned on my cell data to search for something on the internet u Dec 18, 2018 · Restarting your iPhone is a common solution for a variety of problems. All the programs on your iPhone shut down naturally when you turn it off, which can fix minor software glitches and errors. To turn off an iPhone 8 or earlier, press and hold the power button until slide to power off appears on the display. Swipe the red and white power icon Even if your iPhone is not connecting to a computer and you need to access the data on the iPhone, you can use iMyFone iTransor formerly known as D-Port Pro. iTransor can do a lot for users who want to have access to the iPhone data or backup data, then restore the backup data to another iOS device. Here are more features of iMyFone iTransor. The trendy iPhone 6s is glamorous than any other smartphone. But taking into account, issues associated with them, iPhone is not dissimilar. Complaints have been reported that the device is not connecting to Wi-Fi network. Here are five ways to fix iPhone 6s not connecting to Wi-Fi network. 5 Ways to fix iPhone 6s not

Jun 25, 2014

I've got at iPhone 5. I've had it for about 1.5 years and so far it has been running perfectly fine. After updating it to iOS 8.0.2, the internet connection hasn't been working at all. I was using my sisters iPad and the internet connectivity was flawless. Help me please. I've already wasted 1.5 gb of cellular data. Also please don't give me a lecture about "iPhones are crap" or "Deal without

Apr 17, 2020

Wi-Fi not working on iPhone or iPhone connected to Wi-Fi but the internet not working seems a similar issue. However, the Wi-Fi symbol will reflect on the iPhone screen, but the page won’t load on the Safari app or even you can’t download apps. Ultimately, the Wi-Fi connection is fine but the internet is not working on the iPhone. Mar 19, 2020 · If you are experiencing Wi-Fi problems on your iPhone, you are not the only one. Many iPhone owners complained and still complaining their “iPhone and iPad won’t connect to wifi”, such as not being able to connect to any network or to a specific network. Some users successfully connect, but the connection keeps dropping. Jan 16, 2019 · Install the update, reboot your system and try connecting to the iPhone hotspot again. Also on Guiding Tech GT Explains: What is Wi-Fi Sense in Windows 10 and Why it Should Not Freak You Out Hi, The Problem is - i set up a wireless network today for my Iphone 5 and my blackberry, from my main desktop at home, and all went well and Both are connected to it, as well as my laptop. But now whenever i try using the internet on these devices ( iphone etc ) it does not work, although the main desktops internet is working… Apr 17, 2020 · Method 5. Reset Network Settings. If Apple watch not connecting to iPhone issue is due to network, then resetting the network settings will eliminate all the issue related to the network. On your iPhone, navigate to the “Settings” menu and then, go to “General” settings. If it’s only a specific app, like Safari or WhatsApp, not connecting to the Internet, you could try reinstalling the app. With Safari, we actually have a list of fixes for Safari not working which can help you. Your data connection won’t have an effect on individual apps, but your device as a whole, so this isn’t the list for you if you