Went to Internet Explorer. --> internet options --> connections --> lan settings. Then I UNCHECKED the box that said "use proxy server for your LAN". This changed IE and Chrome and both started

Jun 22, 2020 · Microsoft Edge had used the EdgeHTML rendering engine, which was a continuation of the Internet Explorer rending engine. Internet Explorer, especially versions 6 through 8, was finicky when displaying websites. A page that rendered correctly (though slightly different) in Mozilla Firefox or Chrome could appear broken in Internet Explorer 6 and Apr 11, 2010 · Google Chrome won't open, but Internet Explorer will. Everything was working fine last night. What gives?? - Answered by a verified Tech Support Specialist Why are certain features of QB online suddenly not working in the Google Chrome browser? I am unable to open quick book in chrome nor explorer. Seems like the website does not open and also I have tries clearing the cache and using on the ignito mode. Dec 04, 2019 · Go to the Internet Explorer download page. Internet Explorer 11 is the last supported version of Internet Explorer. If you aren't using it, updating may fix Internet Explorer crashing issues. Use Microsoft Edge or a third-party browser (e.g., Chrome) to go to this site if Internet Explorer isn't working.

May 15, 2011 · But starting like yesterday, the internet wasn't working on it. First I thought it was the wifi connection but then I saw msn and google earth worked, so that wasn't it,. I had to resort to using internet explorer which does work, but now google chrome does not. When I bring up a webpage it says Unable to access the network!

Jun 10, 2016 · Chrome won’t work if you require Internet Explorer to access an old website that requires Internet Explorer 6 or ActiveX controls, but most modern websites are likely to work better with Chrome. You’ll still need IE for some older sites–this is why IE is still included on Windows 10, even though Microsoft is pushing Edge.

Sep 19, 2015 · This involves your PC having a secure internet connection, but none of your browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox) work, and you cannot access internet via these browser. In this video, I show you 2

Fix network issues and report website problems. If the page didn't load in another browser, it could be a problem with your network or the website itself. First, try restarting your modem and You should upgrade your OS so that you can use the Microsoft Edge browser. You are using an older browser in Internet Explorer. Google Chrome is newer and it also has been receiving regular updates where IE has not had many innovations (MS created Edge rather than fixing the issues in IE). So, download Windows 10 and you will see a big difference.